Festival cottage – 3 people


(SEK 915 per person and day)

Why live in a tent when you can live in a cabin? The festival cottage is a smart and flexible pop-up solution for the festival. The cottage is delivered folded and quickly assembled to offer real sleeping accommodation for 2, 3 or 4 guests. Go to a festival without having to think about rain, theft or how the pre-party should be arranged. The cottage comes with a secure code lock that gives you maximum security, both during the day when you are in the festival area but also during the night when you go to sleep. Arranging a pre-party suddenly became the easiest thing about our cabins! By choosing a mini fridge, you can invite your friends for chilled drinks. The pre-party will be completed with chairs and tables included. To facilitate the stay, there is 230V electricity in the cottage, so both music can be played and mobiles charged.
Deposit will be added when you check in at the festival.


2 single beds with mattress (optional bedding)

Lockable so you can keep your things in safe storage

Two mosquito net protected hatches and a large openable hatch

Avoid rain for the party and sleep

Two folding chairs and a table

The cottages are equipped with 230V electricity all to enhance the stay