Gangcamp 100 m²


A Gangcamp will be a reserved area at the festival campsite that makes it possible for you and your friends to be sure that you will have the opportunity to set up your tents in the same place. This area is your own and you will be a little more secluded, which also means that you have, for example, greater opportunities to play music and party to what your gang wants. These areas will have access to their own electricity, which other campsites do not have.

Note that we have no limit on how many people you can bring into your camp, this is entirely up to you.

This includes:

  • Marked area 100 sqm (can accommodate about 12 two-person tents)
  • Possibility to add bajamaja
  • Possibility to add party tents
  • Electricity drawn to your area
  • Sign with your name to gangcamp

Do not forget that you can book a tent from us and it will be ready when you arrive.

Entrance tickets are not included

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